Integrity, safety and purity of semiconductor tools is critical in manufacturing. Supply chains, expert design and engineering and manufacturing teams must align to produce flawless components to meet—and exceed—product specifications.

We Take Pride In Having The Highest Welding Certifications & Iso Quality Management


Results That Hit The Mark Every Time

Weldments are key to the delivery of new chemicals for the advanced deposition and etch markets, focusing on cleanliness, contamination control, uniformity and overall quality. With multiple patents, we are innovators in manufacturing weldments, gas sticks and fully integrated gas panels.

Leaders in semiconductor manufacturing partner with us because we prioritize the weld integrity, safety and purity of customer systems. With capabilities spanning high─and low─pressure applications, gas delivery and distribution as well as exhaust manifolds, our welding expertise can address the requirements of the process tool, and the supporting gas distribution infrastructure.

We offer a complete range of solutions, including turnkey design and product realization, contract manufacturing and build-to-print. As a value-add contract manufacturer, we work with worldwide leaders in semiconductor, microelectronic and other high-purity, high-performance industries.


  • Metals: stainless steel, aluminum, & Hastelloy
    • Tube Sizes: ⅛" to 6"

Manufacturing Techniques

  • Automated processes
    • Tube cutting & CNC bending
  • Welding
    • Orbital & TIG
  • Cleaning
    • Onsite
  • Inspection/Test
    • Leak check & CMM

Manufacturing Environment

  • Cleanroom
    • Class 100
  • Cleanliness Certification
Aluminium Welding